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934C224004 934C2240 04 Mitsubishi DLP Signal Board

Sold Out!

934C224004 934C2240 04 Mitsubishi DLP Signal Board

Sold Out!
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Board Type Main Input Unit
Mother Board
A/V Signal Module
Part Number 934C224004 (look for red mark over "04")
Additional Board Numbers
934C2240 01 02 03 04 05 06
Known Compatibility
Mitsubishi WD65732
Mitsubishi WD57732
Mitsubishi WD57831
Mitsubishi WD65732
Mitsubishi WD65831
Mitsubishi WD73732
Mitsubishi WD73831
Mitsubishi WDY57
Mitsubishi WDY65
Mitsubishi WD-65732
Mitsubishi WD-57732
Mitsubishi WD-57831
Mitsubishi WD-65732
Mitsubishi WD-65831
Mitsubishi WD-73732
Mitsubishi WD-73831
Mitsubishi WD-Y57
Mitsubishi WD-Y65
Warehouse Location
Notice Most TVs ship from their manufacturers in multiple configurations, so this may or may not be the part used in your set; please be sure your configuration uses this part prior to purchase